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Custom installation is fast!

Relax and enjoy your new deck!

Put your yard to good use and expand the usable square footage of your home with a custom-built deck. Affordable and long lasting, these decks are designed specifically for your home and built with the greatest of care. Work with our deck designers to find the perfect style, and then sit back and watch as our installers get to work!

Great decks at a great price:

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A little wood, nails, and weatherization - your new deck doesn't have to be an expensive proposition! SAVE $100 right off the bat with our design and installation discount!

Deck lighting allows you to enjoy your deck throughout

the evening!

Your choice of wood species or composite wood!

Second-story or multi-level decks are an innovative way to enjoy all the pleasures of a standard deck with the added benefit of a great view!

 • Custom designs

 • Wood decks

 • Second-story decks

 • Composite decks

 • Finishing and refinishing

 • Deck weatherizing

 • Deck lighting

 • Deck repairs



deck design and installation