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Automatic lawn watering

Avoid hose lines with irrigation

Don't let your lawn suffer because you are running late or on vacation - automatic irrigation systems are a great way to give your trees, perennials, and grass the water they need when they need it. And all without you having to stand in the yard with a hose!

Custom irrigation solutions:

Call today and SAVE big!

Set up the custom design and installation of your new irrigation system today, and SAVE $100 with the mention of this website! What will you do with an extra $100 in your pocket?

Moisture sensors keep your lawn from getting too much or too little water.

Get maximum water coverage with our custom design

Seasonal irrigation services such as winterization and spring startup make sure your new sprinkler system is ready to go when you need it and protected during the off-season.

 • Irrigation design and installation

 • Sprinkler head repair

 • Timer and control boxes

 • Moisture sensors

 • Winterization services

 • Spring startup

 • Irrigation modification - moving sprinkler heads

 • Box upgrades



irrigation design and installation